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ABC Bible Lesson – Armor of God Bible Lesson – Complete Bible lessons for children including opening activities, interactive lessons, Bible crafts, Bible verse review games, printable activity sheets, Bible coloring sheets, and Bible lesson review games. Use these lessons for children kindergarten through fifth grade.

Children learn their ABCs and a little bit about God at the same time. A different animal represents each letter. Each animal is used to convey a different Biblical concept. Older children learn complete Bible verses and learn to print or write in cursive.

Each thematic unit reinforces the main Bible truth and integrates it into every study area through games and activities including math, reading, writing, science, physical fitness, and more.

Children learn through Abigail’s example that it is better to keep the peace than to be sorry later for what you did in anger.

Abram Lets Lot Go First
Abraham and Lot Bible Lesson

Children learn through Abram’s example how to treat others as more important than themselves. Review the Bible lesson using large paper hands or an activity sheet.

Abram was a man of God and followed his instructions. Children learn from Abram’s example how they should esteem others. Abram treated Lot as better than himself and let him pick first.

Abraham and Sarah Laugh Bible Lesson for Children including Sarah Rocking Baby Isaac Activity Sheet or coloring Sheet and Abraham Gives Three Men food Craft and Bible lesson review activity.
Abraham and Sarah Laugh Bible Lesson

The story of Abraham and Sarah is a good example of God’s sense of humor. Through this lesson, children learn that laughter and humor are important ways of dealing with our feelings and fears.

Children learn through Abraham’s example how to talk to God. It is much like talking to your best friend.  The Lord always answers our prayers even though it may not be how we want him to answer them.

Children learn that God can use anyone to do his work. You don’t have to be famous or smart or anything else. You just have to obey and listen to God’s calling.

At the beginning of time, there was no sin or sickness and everything God made was good. Because of Adam’s sin, and Satan’s trickery, sickness, and death came into the world. But because of Jesus we can be forgiven of our sins and live forever with him.

Children learn what the Bible teaches us about angels and popular misconceptions.

Anger is an emotion that everyone experiences. It is not a sin to be angry, but it is a sin to use your anger to hurt others, yourself, or to destroy things.

We can learn from the ants and become wise. Ants do their work even when they don’t have someone telling them what to do or checking on them.

Don’t judge people by their outward appearances. The only thing that is important to God is how you look on the inside.

Don’t judge people by their outward appearances. The only thing that is important to God is how you look on the inside.

Children compare the armor Goliath wore to the spiritual armor David wore. We have to fight battles every day. We can use God’s promises to help us fight our battles.

Series of six Bible lessons about the Armor of God. Children make one piece of the armor during each lesson so that they have a complete outfit at the end of the series of lessons.