Bible Crafts M


Manners Matter

Martin Luther King Jr. – Preschool

Martin’s Big Words

Martin Luther King Jr. – Primary

Big Words

Mary and Martha

Do the Right Thing at the Right Time

Mary Anoints Jesus

Friends Honor Each Other

Mephibosheth and King David


Miracles – Jesus Heals the Blind Man

Miracles – Bear One Another’s Burdens

Miracles – The Big Picnic

Miracles – Jesus Turns Water into Wine

Miracles – Jesus Calms the Storm

Miracles – Don’t Forget to Say Thank You

Miracles – Jesus Walks on Water

Miracles – Lazarus

Miraculous Catch of Fish – See Fishers of Men

Miracles – Peter Finds A Coin in the Fishes Mouth

Miracles – Peter Heals the Lame Man


See G – The Great Commission



Moses – You Can do Important Things

Moses – God is Always with Us

Moses and the Burning Bush

Moses – God Will Help You – Plagues

Moses Crosses the Red Sea

Moses – Manna Again!

Moses Strikes a Rock to Get Water

Moses – Ten Commandments – See T – Ten Commandments

Moses – Work for the Lord

Moses – God Gives Us Families (The Story of Moses, Miriam and Aaron)

Moses – First Passover – God Saves


In Celebration of Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day

How to Say “I Love You”

Mother’s are Important Too