Bible Crafts M


Manners Matter

Martin Luther King Jr. – Preschool

Martin’s Big Words

Martin Luther King Jr. – Primary

Big Words

Mary and Martha

Do the Right Thing at the Right Time

Mary Anoints Jesus

Friends Honor Each Other

Mephibosheth and King David


Jesus Heals the Blind Man

Bear One Another’s Burdens

The Big Picnic

Jesus Turns Water into Wine

Jesus Calms the Storm

Don’t Forget to Say Thank You

Jesus Walks on Water


Miraculous Catch of Fish – See Fishers of Men

Peter Finds A Coin in the Fishes Mouth

Peter Heals the Lame Man


See G – The Great Commission



Moses – You Can do Important Things

Moses – God is Always with Us

Moses and the Burning Bush

Moses – God Will Help You – Plagues

Moses Crosses the Red Sea

Moses – Manna Again!

Moses Strikes a Rock to Get Water

Moses – Ten Commandments – See T – Ten Commandments

Moses – Work for the Lord

Moses – Grasshoppers and Giants

Moses – God Gives Us Families (The Story of Moses, Miriam and Aaron)

Moses – First Passover – God Saves


In Celebration of Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day

How to Say “I Love You”

Mother’s are Important Too