Bible Crafts J


“Forgiveness” – The Story of Jacob and Joseph

Jacob and Esau

Jacob’s Ladder


The Potter and the Clay


Follow Me

Attracted to the Light – Run for Jesus

Now You See Him, Now You Don’t

Jesus Has Time for Me

Jesus Never Changes

Jesus Rescues Me – Firemen

Jesus Protects Me – Police

Jesus Protects Me – Under His Wings

Jesus Heals Me – The God Who Heals

Jesus is the Way – Where’s the Map?

Jesus/God’s Characteristic

The Lord is My Rock

Jesus, Who He Is

Jesus is the Bread of Life

The Missing Piece

I Am the Vine

Who do You Say I Am and Nathanael Meets Jesus



Job’s First and Second Tests

God Talks to Job

John the Baptist

God Has a Plan for Me

John 3:16

Jonah – Preschool

Hide and Seek


Joseph a Very Colorful Story

Joseph and God’s Promises

“The Kings Dream” Color Sheet


Joshua and the Battle of Jericho

Obey Your Leaders – Joshua

Can Do Kids

We Will Serve the Lord – Crafts

Grasshoppers and Giants


The Forgotten Promise

Filled Up with Joy!


Judging Others

Don’t Judge or You Will be Judged