Bible Crafts L

Labor Day

Work for the Lord

Last Supper, The

Remember Me



Lazarus Story Craft

Jesus Raises Lazarus Story Craft

Don’t Forget to Say Thank You


Fireflies and Faith

I Am the Light of this World

Light of the World

Let the Sun Shine Through

Lost Coin

Love – Preschool

The Lost Sheep

The Good Shepherd

Love Is

Love – Primary

How to Say “I Love You”

Love – Rooted in God’s Love

The Love Letter

God’s Love is Solid Like a Rock

God’s Love is Immeasurable

Love – John 3:16

John 3:16 Fanfold Craft

John 3:16 Fanfold Bible Craft for Kids

Fanfold the John 3:16 pattern page to reveal the Bible verse. Turn the pattern around to see the second part of the verse and a different picture.

John 3:16 Rebus Bible Bookmarks Craft for Kids

Children learn the Bible verse through pictures and words. Have them place the books in their Bibles at John 3:16.

John 3:16 Rebus Coloring and Activity Sheet

John 3:16 Coloring and Activity Sheet for Children

Children color the rebus pictures which help them memorize the John 3:16 Bible verse.