Copyright Notice

Copyright Notice


All the craft patterns, ideas, songs, lessons, etc. on this website are copyrighted.

1. You may print out and make copies of any of the crafts and activities for your personal use, for use in schools, libraries, Sunday school etc.; however, you may not publish the material in any form without permission. (Publishing means making them available to others in print, on the web, on a blog, etc.)

2. You may not publish a derivative work on any other web site or in print without permission (including eHow writers and Youtube.) A derivative work is changing the original to make a new work, but it is still recognizable as coming from the original, or is very similar.)

3. You may publish a picture of a finished project you made from this site (not the complete directions and/or patterns) on another web site as long as you state where you got the project and include a link back to the project on this web site (not somewhere else on the site) for the directions and patterns. The link must include the full name of my website – Danielle’s Place of Crafts and Activities – not just Danielle’s Place and the name of the page on which the craft is found. It must be typed in the same sized text as your content text. (Do not use small text that is not readable.) It must be placed right next to the picture. You must also include a nopin=”nopin” code right after the image name in your html so it isn’t pinned to Pinterest.

Example – “../Images43/paper-bag-cow-puppet-craft.jpg” nopin=”nopin”

Example – You can find the complete directions and patterns for this craft on Danielle’s Place of Crafts and Activities on the Paper Doll Crafts Page.

4. If you would like to use a picture or image, poem (derivative work) etc. from Danielle’s Place, you must first get permission from Danielle’s Place.
*We do not allow websites to use crafts that take no explanation on how to make them – crafts that your readers would not have to go back to Danielle’s Place to read the directions such as greeting cards or simple crafts that do not need directions to figure out.

5. You may not use the rel=”nofollow” on the image or text. (If I allow you to use an image, you must link back to the page on which the image is found, and you may not put a “nofollow” in the href.) If you use the “nofollow” on a link, you will be asked to remove the image.

6.  If you make a derivative work and publish it on the web it is the property of Danielle’s Place. Danielle’s Place owns the copyright to all derivative works so it may be published on Danielle’s Place without permission from the creator.

7. You may not use the craft pictures for advertising purposes or add paid word links to the content. If you use them to advertise your web site, you will be charged $10.00 a day for the use of that image.

8. You may not alter the pictures by adding words, borders, other pictures, etc. Do not include the images with a collection of other images. Do not remove the URL from the image.

9. You must include a link on the image that goes back to a page Danielle’s Place, not an image file.

10. You may only use pictures that have the web address on the pictures.

11. You may not use the crafts as a list of crafts on your web site. You must have a legitimate craft web site or similar web site with ideas of your own to use the material.

12. You may not use the pictures to simply decorate or enhance your own web site or blog without referring back to this site. You may only use them when referring back to this site for more directions and/or patterns.

13. If you would like to use a craft on a Youtube video, you must first get permission by contacting us. The video must have an active link back to Danielle’s Place where the craft is located, and it must state that the craft is from Danielle’s Place in the entire length of the video using an annotation or card.

14. Due to the rapidly changing nature of the Web these copyright regulations may change. If you use an image from Danielle’s Place, you may be asked delete it or comply with new copyright regulations from this site.

15. When asking permission to use any materials from this web site, please include the specific craft/crafts or activities you intend to use, and the intended use.

16. If you want to publish an image in a pdf. document, you must include an active link back to Danielle’s Place. Non profits may not claim “fair use”, because all the crafts are already available to the public online. You can link back to this web site for the directions to the crafts.

17. If you use images from Danielle’s Place without permission, you will be charged a $50.00 use fee plus $10.00 a day for the use of the image.

18. Do not hotlink to any image files on Danielle’s Place. (Link to an image file on Danielle’s Place so that the image shows up on your website.) Danielle’s Place regularly checks for hotlinked images and sends DMCA notices to web host for each page of an infringing web site without notifying the infringing web site first. We also notify any other websites that the infringing web site is using illegal images from.


Using Danielle’s Place images that have been pinned to Pinterest.

It is illegal to use copyrighted images on your website that are pinned to Pinterest. Images on Pinterest are still copyrighted and you must have permission to use them on your website. Although the owner of the images gives Pinterest the right to use them on Pinterest, they are not giving up their copyright, and they are not giving other websites permission to use them. Do not hotlink or copy Danielle’s Place images from Pinterest and use them on your website. Do not give Pinterest credit for images from Danielle’s Place.


Pinning Images to Pinterest from Danielle’s Place

Danielle’s Place allows pinning from this web site with the following restrictions:

1. Do not include the directions and/or supplies needed with the pinned image, however, you may include comments about the crafts.

2. Do not use the images to promote another web site, business, etc. Do not include your url, web address, in the description of the pin or they will be removed.

3. Pin only images that have the “” on the image.

4. Do not use the images on Pinterest from Danielle’s Place on your blog or web site. You must have permission to use them on a blog or web site.

5. Do not pin images for Amazon ads.

6. If you would like to pin some of the images from Danielle’s Place, you can also go to our Pinterest Boards, and repin them from the boards.

7. When repinning images from Pinterest please check the source of all pins. Click on the source link under the image before you repin it and try to find the image on the page that pops up. If you can’t find the image on that page, don’t repin it. Try to find another image that does have the correct source link. When you repin images with the wrong source, you are helping copyright infringers.

8. Do not put links to pdf files on Danielle’s Place.


More About Copyright Laws

Before publishing on the web or anywhere else make sure you understand copyright laws. Check out these website for more information:

1. Ultimate Guide to Copyright for Students – This article explains copyright law, what it protects, how long it lasts, derivative works, plagiarism, public domain, and much more.

2. Ten Common Copyright Permission Myths

3. Are Crafts Copyright Protected? – Yes, a creative and original design can be copyright protected. Copyright protects from exact copying or “substantially similar” copying. “Original” means that it did not previously exist so if it already existed then you would not have the copyright.

4. Blogger’s Guide to Copyright & DMCA – How to Protect your work against theft.


Linking to Danielle’s Place:

  1. We encourage other web sites to link to Danielle’s Place of Crafts and Activities, but please do not link to image files; only link to pages that end in .html or .htm, not pages that end in .gif or .jpeg
  2. Do not link to pages or crafts on pages that end in .cfm. These pages are accessible to members only. There are other pages on Danielle’s Place that give information about what is on the members-only section; link to those pages instead. If you have any questions on what you can link to, please contact me.
  3. It is illegal to copy material from this web site without permission and publish it any where on the web or in print even if you include the copyright notice and author’s name. You must have permission to do this.
  4. If you would like to publish something from this web site on your site, email us (see link above) to ask for permission.
  5. All rights reserved. While many of the crafts on this site are free, they are still copyrighted. They may not be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic or mechanical, except for use in your local church, school, home, library, and other organizations. It is illegal to copy any part of this web site and place it on another web site, bulletin board, or personal web site. To request permission to copy this material for any other use than personal use contact me by e-mail.


For more information about Copyright Laws go to – Copyright on the Web

  1. Notas de los derechos del autor – Los patrones, ideas, canciones y lecciones, etc., en este sitio Web están registrados como propiedad literaria.
  2. Usted no puede publicarlos, o no puede colocarlos en otro sitio Web sin antes obtener autorización y permiso de su autor.
  3. Usted puede publicar una fotografía o un proyecto que haya terminado (no puede publicar los patrones o los pasos a seguir para obtener ese proyecto) puede publicar ese proyecto siempre y cuando usted indique donde consiguió los patrones e ideas para ese proyecto e incluya el sitio Web para las direcciones y patrones. Si usted desea usar una pequeña foto o un dibujo pequeño de una manualidad, por favor comuníquese con nosotros por medio de un correo electrónico, indicando el dibujo que desea usar.
  4. Conectándose con Danielle’s Place
    Nosotros animamos a otros sitios Web a que se conecten con Danielle’s Place, Pero por favor no se conecten con los archivos con imágenes; solo puede unirse a las páginas que terminan en .html or .htm, no a las páginas que terminan en .gif or .jpeg
  5. No puede conectarse con páginas que terminen en .cfm. Estas páginas solo están disponibles par los miembros. Hay otras páginas en Danielle’s Place que le informan de lo que puede encontrar en las secciones que solo están disponibles para los miembros, conéctese a esas páginas. Si usted tiene alguna pregunta acerca de esto, por favor puede contactarme.
  6. Es ilegal el copiar materiales de este sitio Web sin haber obtenido permiso, no puede publicarlo en ningún sitio Web aunque incluya los derechos del autor y el nombre del autor.
  7. Si usted desea publicar algo de este sitio Web en su sitio Web, o su correo electrónico e-mail, por favor mándenos un correo electrónico para pedir permiso (puede ver nuestro correo electrónico más arriba)
  8. Derechos Reservados. Aunque casi todas las manualidades de este sitio Web son gratis, están registrados como propiedad literaria. No se pueden reproducir o transmitir de ninguna manera electrónica o mecánica, solo puede usarlos en su iglesia, casa o librería y otras organizaciones. Es ilegal copiar una parte de las manualices de este sitio Web y colocarlas en otro sitio Web, o un boletín o un sitio Web personal. Para obtener permiso para poder copiar estas actividades y lecciones para usarlos para otra cosa que no sea su uso personal por favor contácteme.
  9. Para obtener mas información acerca de las leyes de los derechos de Autor diríjase a este lugar – Copyright on the Web